BSc training

Classes taught for basic training in architectural engineering: Space Composition, Fundamentals of Architecture, Residential Building Design 1, and Residential Building Design 2

MSc Training

Classes taught for master training in architectural engineering: Complex Planning 1 (p, MSc), Complex Planning 2 (p, MSc), and Thesis Preparation

General Training

Classes taught in the five-year general architectural training for planning (p) technical (t) courses: Space Composition , Fundamentals of Architecture, Residential Building Design 1, Residential Building Design 2, Faculty Planning 1, Faculty Planning 2, Faculty Planning 3, Small Complexes (t), Complex Planning 1 (p, MSc), Complex Planning 1 (m), Complex Planning 2 (p, MSc), Complex Planning 2 (m), and Thesis Preparation

PhD Training

The faculty undertakes PhD training in the scope of Budapest Technical University’s Postgraduate School in the Department of Architectural Engineering. See the school’s homepage at the following address:

Further Professional Training

Expert training in engineering to re-establish credentials.

(m) műszaki = (t) technical
(s) szerkezeti = (m) mechanical
(h) hagyományos = (tr) traditional
(t) tervező = (p) planning