We consider it important to maintain a good realationship with former students even after graduation, also to pay attention to their life and career. We also hope that they are interested in staying in touch with us and the department.

It is our intention to create a network of contacts providing beneficial cooperation and opportunities for all contributors. We would like to pay more attention to the liaison between our students and teachers, with the aim of creating a cohesive community.

Residential Building Desing Department Alumni community activities:

  • our partner’s internship and job offers
  • graduated students career’s track
  • evaluate and assess the experiences of a marketable, high quality training of our finished graduated students
  • research cooperation opportunities and tenders
  • involvement in teaching of the Alumni community members
  • technical presentations and conferences, community programs and events
    creation, studio visits, and organizing of field trips
  • creating lectures of special architectural experiences and travel reports

The Alumni news and events can be followed via the website alm-lako.blogspot.com.